About Us

cropped-IMG_60281I started Littlebunch in 1995. My world had become a little too otherworldly from hacking code on what seemed like a 24×7 basis. So, I figured taking care of a little bunch of goats would be a way to keep it real. I bought a couple of does from Ann Weikel of Little Rockspring and another from Carole Rhoten, who lived up the road and, along with her husband Wayne, owned Magnum Semen Works. We’re still breeding on these animals. So, for anyone starting out in dairy goats, my first advice is to always buy the best foundation stock you can afford.

I bought Hogg’s Hideaway Chalice and Lucky Star’s Kojak from Carole when she sold off her Magnum Semen Works bucks around 1998. We’re still breeding on both lines. So, my second bit of advice to beginners is to only use the best buck you can find.

We’ve also been incredibly lucky to have had Don Carmen as our vet from the beginning. Don and his family maintain one of the top dairy herds in the country and have recently founded a commercial dairy. It’s safe to say that they don’t make vets like Don anymore. So, my last piece of advice is to make sure you have the best vet in your area.

The really lucky break in my life, however, was meeting Jennifer Yust in 2000. She was a natural with the goats and, more importantly, willing to put up with it all, including marrying me in 2004. Making goat’s milk soap was her idea which she started in October 2007 as a way to raise money to help those in need. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this soap are used to help those in need.

So, order some soap from us. Buy a couple of our animals. Or, drop us a line if you need a little free advice on goat herding — just remember you get what you pay for….


Gary Moore
Co-owner, Littlebunch Dairy Goats